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Movie Scripts

1A1 has produced several movie scripts ranging from historical based dramas to science fiction.  Please contact us if you have an idea that you would want brought to life through an entertaining script.


Idlewild Michigan is located 74 miles north of Grand Rapids Michigan.  It is a quaint village centered around seven lakes.  Idlewild became the number one vacation resorts of many wealth black families from the Midwest starting in the 1920’s.  This came about while blacks were not welcomed into the white resorts along lake Michigan.  Idlewild was conveniently located halfway between Chicago, Indianapolis and Detroit requiring only a three-hour drive for black families to escape the demands of everyday city life.  Idlewild became the summer home for many black entertainers, sports legends, and successful business people. The most notable residences included Madam C.J. Walker and Joe Louis.  Today Idlewild is on the verge of extinction.  A black female vacationer, Channel Black, is about to enter the battle of her life to stop the destruction of the town her mother once called Black Eden.  This is the story of the struggles and hardships of modern-day blacks, as the battle threats to the existence of this African American historical site.


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