Our services focus on assisting senior communities to successfully integrate COVID-19 related technologies.

Strategic Planning
E. S. Technologies is a public sector firm, that provides sound advice to local and federal decision makers in the area of COVID-19 technology such as home test kits and disinfection techniques.  Specifically, the firm will assist decision makers in the development of strategic plans for the integration of COVID-19 related technologies into communities. The strategic planning takes into consideration the multiple risk associated with technology integration, while structuring effective mitigation plans. These strategic plans may be used to direct investment opportunities and economic development.
Technology Integration

Seasoned veterans from the business and medical sector provide expert advice on  COVID-19 related technologies from testing, contact tracing to robotic disinfection applications. The challenge with technology is knowing the level of maturity of these COVID-19 related technologies.  Mature technologies require less integration management while less mature technologies may require more resources than budgeted. Often, decision makers do not envision the disruptive nature of new technologies making the integration difficult and costly. The goal is to work with the decision makers to create the managed integration of technologies into the COVID-19 environment



Project management professionals, who are experience in communications planning, will guide your organization in the development of a outreach plan focused on the technology that will be adapted.  Experienced medical and adult education consultants shall provide informational events in the community that address some of the misconceptions with new technology adaptation.  Professional presentations shall be given, that are easily understood by the community while ensuring that all concerns are addressed.

​Risk Management


Project Management professionals trained in risk management shall identify technology and integration risk. Communities and organizations shall be educated on the technology maturity and shortfalls.  Detailed mitigation plans will be developed to ensure safe and timely technology integration into the community.