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Youth Event Services

Youth Event Planning

A youth event begins with a planning session with the client.  During this session the event expectations of the client are formalized. A result of this session is a contract between the client and 1.A.1. Productions

Event Catering Selection

An optional activity is event catering.  This activity may be managed by 1.A.1 Productions if desired by the client. A catering budget will be identified if the client ops not to manage the activity.

Event Site Selection

Site selection is based on several considerations to include budget, number of expected event guest, parking requirements, catering requirements, and entertainment requirements

Event Transportation Planning

Youth frequently do not have vehicle transportation to distant locations.  1.A.1 Productions has an agreement with Mears Transportation to provide busses if required.

Event Speaker Management

Event speaker selection is a critical step in planning an event for a targeted youth audience.  The selected speakers must gain the attention of the youth while delivering a message that may not be well like.

Follow On Event Planning

Follow on activities such as field  trips or fund raising events may be managed by 1.A.1 Productions at the request of the client.


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